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The First Step In Setting Up Your Professional Diet Review Website is Choosing a Website Name - Also known as a Domain Name.  The domain name is the name of your website and is how people will find you on the internet. You will need to click on the link below to get a domain name from Happy Green Domains but before you do, you need to know what type of name to choose.

Use the form below to choose a domain name that you would like for your Diet Review Website. Try and come up with a name that contains the word "Diet," or the word "Review" or "Council" or all of these. (Good examples are:, or  Be creative with the name and have fun with it. You can actually have any name you want for your domain, so choose one you like.  If you can't think of one, send me an email at and I'll be happy to  give you some suggestions.   

The Domain Name is FREE and is included the Professional Package

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(Good examples are:, or

In the next step we will choose your hosting plan.


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